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Kenyan Blackout Board

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Rev up your party with dice, cards, and a ton of fun! Roll the dice, move your steps, and brace yourself for wild actions – from taking shots to singing songs or even some unexpected challenges. With Drink If, sip if you’ve been there, done that! The King’s Cup card game adds an extra twist – draw the king, pour a drink, and watch out for the final showdown. It’s a night of unpredictable antics and good times! πŸŽ²πŸ»πŸ‘‘ #PartyGames #CheersToFun

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Get the party started with this drinking game! Roll the dice, move your steps, and dive into hilarious actions. For instance, if you roll a 3 and land on “Take 4 shots,” bottoms up! The game offers a variety of challenges, from singing songs to playing spin the bottle or even daring to take off your pants for a round! In the “Drink If” version, sip when you’ve done anything listed on the printout. King’s Cup, a card game, involves scattering cards around a central cup. Draw the king, pour a drink, and watch out for the fourth king – that lucky person drinks the entire cup. Different card numbers bring various actions like group drinks, left person drinks, or a round of Drink If. Let the good times flow!


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