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Drunken Tower

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One player builds the tower on a flat, sturdy surface. Place three blocks in each layer, at right angles to the previous layer. All blocks with instructions are placed face down. You will have a 20-story tower when finished.

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“The Grab A Piece Drinking Game!” is the ultimate game for any party or get-together! It is simple to get started and tons of fun to play. It is easy to set up on any flat surface. One player builds the 20 Story Tower, with all instructions facing down. Now you are ready to play… The player who built the Tower goes first. Play then continues to the left, with each player removing one block, placing it back on top, and following the instructions on the block. As play continues, it gets harder to balance the shifting Tower. Keep removing blocks until the Tower falls, or you do. The last player to take a turn without making the Tower fall or the last player still standing, WINS the game!


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