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KinderPerfect: the ultimate parenting game for laughs at moms’ nights, baby showers, birthdays, and family gatherings. With 210 quality cards, play solo or mix with Cards Against Humanity. Get a ribbon just for playing! Quick, witty, and perfect for parent gatherings with friends and refreshments!

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There are four times when KinderPerfect is better than binging on Netflix:

  • Moms’ night out to laugh at the challenges of parenthood.
  • Baby showers to surprise new parents with the joys of poop.
  • Birthday parties to break the ice with other parents.
  • Family get-togethers where Cards Against Humanity is too crass.

KinderPerfect contains 210 casino-quality cards that can be played alone or used in combination with Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, or our favorite, JadedAid. Best of all, everyone gets a participation ribbon!

How to Play

  • The “Parent” player will read out a red Question Card and other players will submit their white Answer Cards.
  • The Parent picks the winner they like the best, well, because they said so. The winner then becomes the Parent for the next round. You win by amassing useless Answer Cards, just like in real life!
  • You can play KinderPerfect separately or with a Cards Against Humanity card deck. You should always play with copious refreshments and really good friends – even your parents!


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