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Do or Drink Extension Pack #2

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Elevate the energy of your party with this entertaining and fantastic card game! It’s an ideal addition to any social gathering or game night, and the possibilities of what you might have to do are endless. With hilarious challenges that escalate in absurdity, you’re guaranteed a memorable and enjoyable experience!

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The Do or Drink Extension Pack 2 is an exciting and fun-filled addition to the popular Do or Drink card game series. This extension pack is designed to provide even more outrageous and hilarious challenges for players to complete or face the consequences of taking a drink. With 200 new cards featuring a variety of creative and sometimes daring challenges, the Extension Pack 2 is perfect for adult game nights and parties.

The game can be played with 2 or more players, and each player takes turns drawing a card and attempting to complete the challenge. The challenges range from funny and harmless to daring and a little risqué, so players should be prepared for anything! If a player is unable or unwilling to complete the challenge, they must take a drink as a penalty. The first player to reach the end of the deck is the winner.

The Do or Drink Extension Pack 2 is a great way to add excitement and laughter to any social gathering. It’s perfect for those looking to break the ice or spice up their party with a bit of friendly competition and a lot of laughs. As with any drinking game, players should drink responsibly and know their limits.

1 review for Do or Drink Extension Pack #2

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