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Charades For Kids

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The classic game of Charades — now designed especially for kids to play and enjoy! Younger players can use the colorful picture cards — no reading required — and act out toothbrush, jump and cat. Older children can read the simple words and phrases and then act out fun things like eating spaghetti, playing a guitar and blowing bubbles. It’s great fun as the whole family tries to guess the charade before time runs out.

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A player draws a card with a list of charades, then rolls a die to see which one to act out. There is also a deck of picture cards for players too young to read. The active player acts out the charade for the player on the left. This player gets only one chance to guess. If incorrect, the next player gets one chance, and so on. The first player to guess correctly moves two spaces along the game board. The player doing the charade moves ahead one space. If no one guess correctly, then no one moves for that turn. There are also “All Play” spaces where everyone guesses simultaneously. The first player to reach the finish space wins.


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